About Us

Candid Apple is a wedding business with a difference. We don't look after the brides, we look after you.

We say "it's all about you" and it absolutely is. Our focus is on the development of you and your business.

We offer a unique combination of wedding knowledge and commercial experience which allows our team to put their combined enthusiasm and skills into two distinct areas - the development of wonderful businesses and talented individuals in the wedding industry.

Public relations is big part of what we do. From developing stories, writing & distributing press releases, media monitoring and journalist liaison through to press trip planning, development & production of knock-out press kits to full service PR and on-going campaigns, we've got it covered for you. Find out more on our dedicated PR page.

Aside from public relations and media work, there's lots of other services that we provide. Whether you need someone to help you plan the development of your business or someone to write you regular stand-out blog pieces, we can help. We offer bespoke training to venue staff to improve service, marketplace reviews, performance coaching to make sure you're at the top of your game and we can write brochure copy if you know your marketing collateral needs a bit of work to make sure it's as fabulous as you. Candid Apple is really all you need to develop yourself and your wedding business.

We're down-to-earth people who love what we do. Our frank and friendly approach is more than a little bit different and, like a great wedding, it's totally personal.

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