Tuesday, 2 April 2013

31st March - The Week That Was

It's a slightly belated catch-up this week - following my own advice from last week, I let myself off the 'e-leash' over the Easter weekend and it was great. Quality family time without the incessant beep-beep of phones, mails, messages and other things demanding my attention. So, I'm not sure whether it's that dose of headspace or the beautiful blue sky outside my window that's making me smile this morning but actually, it doesn't matter. So, on with the catch-up...

  • Some amazing conversations with my son whilst he was home from school poorly.
  • Watching the dog watch over my son - that dog would make a great nurse.
  • Starting the 'Woodley & Earley' Clandestine Cake Club & setting the date for our first get-together.
  • Writing approximately 15,000 words for various projects & assignments.
  • Signing up for the 60km South Downs walk to raise money for Hounds For Heroes.
  • The kids breaking up for Easter holidays and planning lots of activities.
  • Easter egg hunts, Easter baking and other Easter-ish fun.
  • Lots of family visiting for Easter lunch - 6 hours of cooking for a great feast!
  • Dog walking through the daffodils.
  • Son purchasing a huge Lego set with his saved up pocket money - a great project for cold holiday days.
  • Taking two brilliant enquiries for work and getting lost in phone conversations with the people in question.
  • An evening reading by the fire - the upset at finishing 'I Capture The Castle' has been somewhat repaired by starting 'Peaches For Monsieur Le Cure'

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