Sunday, 7 April 2013

7th April - The Week That Was

I hope that wherever you are when you're reading this is as sunny as my kitchen is at the moment. I'm currently curled up into a chair with a morning cup of tea by my side while the sun floods in through the windows. My dog is by my feet and the house is still and quiet. It's quite wonderful! As usual, I'm amazed that another week has flown by - a spinning mix of longer days and a happy hint of warmer weather in the air. Anyway, here's the week that was...
  • A great meeting about something really rather special - news coming soon!
  • Baking a beautiful gluten-free chocolate cake - converting one of Edd Kimber's recipes and tweeting with him about the successful changes. Next up for conversion - Edd's Cinnamon & Caramel cake.
  • Launching our Summer Specials and getting a great response to the first offer - Brilliant Blogs (next offer coming your way on Monday 8th April)
  • Exploring the surprisingly lovely grounds at Reading University with the dog. 
  • Arranging a meeting with a fabulous someone in the industry about a project. So excited as this is someone who, in my opinion, has really got it. Can't wait!
  • Easter egg accompaniment to reading - this week's book is 'Cold Comfort Farm' by Stella Gibbons.
  • Getting in contact with my next 'real bride' for Love Scarlett - love 'meeting' new people and talking weddings.
  • Booking a couple of holidays and planning planning planning. Much excitement.
  • Having a sunny Saturday in the garden, playing badminton with my son (who appears to be better again - hurrah!)
  • Blue skies and some sunshine. Enough said.

Son's legs, not mine I hasten to add!

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