Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Instantly & Individual - Instagram

Hello again you lovely readers and we know it's been a while since we last posted but my goodness, we've been as busy as bees, beavers and other industrious animals. Some wonderful new clients we might just be a bit in love with, writing projects, meetings, charity work and of course, we've been trying to have a bit of downtime somewhere in there too.

Anyway, we promise, hand on heart, not to leave you for so long again. But we wanted to just remind you that you can always find Candid Apple on Twitter and we're big fans of Instagram too where you can follow us too - Candid Apple. Go on, we'd love it if you did.

There's something so lovely about sharing images - an image can tell many tales and give a wonderful behind-the-scenes look at life. It's also quick and easy which probably explains why we've been using it so much recently!

Instagram works perfectly for everyone in the wedding industry. We all love a bit of the pretty or a glimpse at new, unusual or personal things. We're generally quite visual people with a strong sense of what we like and what appeals. We also love to share and to connect and we love to be ourselves. As full-on wedding season approaches, Instagram is a great way to stay connected with clients, to inspire them and to stay social without having to write blogs or tie yourself up in tweets.

So, if you've not been following us on Instagram, here's a little snapshot (see what we did there?!) of our last few weeks...

We use the 'Fancy Frame' app to create these images.
On the Hounds For Heroes walk for this great charity
There were new dogs in the family too
Out for a walk when visiting family in Sussex - love this view
Meetings in London always lead to the purchase of treats!
We really do love bluebells
The app from 'A Beautiful Mess' lets you pimp your pics!
A 60km walk for Hounds For Heroes - read more here

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