Wednesday, 20 February 2013

How Passionate Are You Feeling Today?

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Well, are you feeling passionate today? You know what I mean - is your blood pumping and your heart racing with the kind of passion that makes you smile, makes you sing and makes you skip out of bed in the morning? Yes? No? Are you full to the brim with it or are you passion tanks a bit empty?

Of course (and possibly rather sadly) I'm talking about work passion here. I'm a big believer that overall, wedding professionals are some of the most passionate people around - they love their work, they love their clients and they never wake up of a morning and say "oh, do you know, I wish I'd been a quantity surveyor instead."

But, we all know that sometimes, the drudge of the day to day can be quite the passionkiller. I myself have a hatred of the mileage and expense forms that hang in my office like an ever present Grim Reaper, just waiting to cut me off in my creative prime. It's easy to lose your passion and then equally easy to lose your way.

We have to keep developing our passions because it's the best way of nuturing them and letting them power us through the tougher times. Ultimately, it's the deep-down passion that we have that makes us unique, special and really rather brilliant. So, to give you space to think about your passions and to give you the perfect excuse to think about yourself for a moment, Candid Apple have developed a little notebook for you to record all your thoughts and feelings about your deepest desires and hottest passions (again, in a business sense - this isn't some kind of seedy 'Fifty Shades' knock-off here) and, in an act of lurve for you, it's absolutely free.

If you'd like to request a 'How To Develop You & Your Passion For Weddings' workbook then just e-mail and we'll get one e-mailed straight back to you.

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