Saturday, 23 February 2013

I Love Scarlett - Thoughts On Opportunities & More

My notes from the interview!
Today comes a happy happy post, all about opportunities and the importance of just flipping going for things.

Last weekend, I read on Twitter that a new bridal inspiration journal, Love Scarlett, was looking for writers so, me being me and me loving to write, I got in touch with the incredibly lovely Penelope of Tigerlily Weddings and offered my services. And today, just now in fact, I've done my first interview for a 'real wedding' feature with a truly fabulous bride. It was such fun talking to her about her wedding (which you'll see on Love Scarlett soon). Can you tell I'm still bouncing as I type?!

Anyway, this has taught me three things that I'd like to share with you...

Firstly, as the quote goes 'opportunity only dances with  those already on the dancefloor' - things, chances, opportunities, anything you really want or would like, nothing arrives ready packaged in your lap, served perfectly just for you. You need to make things happen. When I was a teenager (and I can't tell you how long ago that was), I wanted to write. So I wrote to a national children's newspaper that ran at the time and asked. I then got to interview sports stars, bands and do all kinds of things I never would have done. At Uni, I wrote to a Grand Prix team and asked if they wanted any help and ended up writing for them. When I was a wedding planner, I approached literary agents and got book deals both times, approached Debenhams and ended up consulting on their wedding ranges and much more besides. Yes, I might be very lucky indeed but sometimes you need to leap around a bit in the way of luck so that it sees you first!

Secondly, wedding people are lovely people. Penelope has gone out of her way to make me feel welcome and little 'good luck' texts before my first interview were so great to receive. I've also been in touch with more caring, funny, friendly, helpful and talented people this week and it's a joy being in this industry.

Thirdly, my love for weddings is as strong as ever. After all the years of wedding planning, now working with venues and businesses means I don't get much 'me to bride' contact anymore but, thanks to Love Scarlett, I get to talk to some of the happiest, warmest and loveliest brides around. And goodness me, I'm still smiling...

Love Scarlett launches on 1st March - it would be a wedding crime of the most awful kind if you didn't take a look...

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