Sunday, 3 March 2013

3rd March - The Week That Was

Well, it's been a busy busy week here - one of those weeks that was so full of good things, it flew by in the blink of an eye so here's a little round up of what Candid Apple have been up to this week and, in true work/life balance way, not all of it is 'industry' related...

  • Son back to school after half term and in 'summer uniform of shorts - this makes me look forward to longer, warmer days.
  • Mornings and evenings being noticeably lighter this week.
  • Lovely shopping trip with my Mum and the purchase of a new baking book.
  • Writing lots and lots of features and blogs for various weddingy people and loving it.
  • The amazing and inspiring Ellie Simmonds opening the swimming pool at son's school and son being chosen to ask her a question.
  • Collecting our gorgeous, beautiful and really rather wonderful new dog and bringing her home.
  • Being contacted by a real hidden gem of a venue and arranging to meet them.
  • Son's school choir taking part in a choral day and watching their performance in the stunning chapel at Wellington College.
  • Being sent some truly gorgeous wedding photos to use for features.
  • Son's birthday - complete with party tea, fancy cake, balloons and lots of gifts.
  • Playing the garden with the dog.
  • Meeting up with Julie Tooby for a good industry chat and laughing a lot.
  • Enjoying a last minute request for some copy - all written, all on time and all on word-count!
  • Son's choir competing in a festival, doing incredibly well and being so impressed with the teaching staff's dedication.
  • Booking myself onto Emily Quinton's September photography workshop.
  • Deciding which endurance walking challenge I'll be doing this year!
  • Turning the page in my diary and seeing that I've got a great week coming next week.

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