Friday, 8 March 2013

Real Wedding on Love Scarlett - In Praise of Love Stories

Just a very quick update to say that my 'real wedding' feature that inspired my earlier post on opportunity is now waiting for readers (yes, that means you!) on the glam new Love Scarlett site.

Do take a look and let me know what you think!

I've made a conscious decision to write more than some blogs do for their real weddings because as inspiring as the images can be, there is so much more meaning to them when you know the story behind the choices that the bride and groom have made. In my opinion, that in itself is so inspiring for other brides-to-be. It gives  them the confidence to take their own passions and hobbies and weave them into their weddings.

Weddings are about the couple, about their loves and likes and the very best weddings bounce these ideas back at guests like a magnifying mirror. Details become unforgettable when they're forever linked to the couple in question and that's why telling the back story behind the wedding is so important. The wedding day itself is a page in a book, it's not a standalone piece of work. Like a great book builds plot and characters, a wedding always has had chapters that have come before and, rather than just dipping in to the day itself, a longer report gives us a little precis of what's happened before so we can really appreciate the page we're reading. The writing around the images is the wedding equivalent of York Notes and without it, we'll never understand the intricacies of the detail. With it, we fall in love story we're seeing.

There'll be another real wedding coming soon and having already seen the images for that one, it's going to be gorgeously beautiful.

Happy reading and here's to love stories.

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