Sunday, 17 March 2013

Finding Your Voice - Part 2

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So my lovely people, how did you get on with last week's worksheet? Got your list of words? No? Well, I'm really sorry but you can't keep reading this until you've got them so if you've not done your homework, stay behind please and get on with it now...

Right, now we've all caught up, we can get on with today's little installment. So, with your list of words by your side, let's get on with reviewing your current 'voice'.

Firstly, make a list of every way that you communicate with potential clients and industry colleagues. Whether it's your blog, your Twitter and Facebook feeds, your static web pages, your press releases, your standard letters and e-mails - everything that gets your message out there.

Now, I'm sure you know what's coming next. Yes, that's right - you need to review everything. Re-read everything being uber-critical - does absolutely every phrase and paragraph reflect the words that you have selected from our earlier exercise? You don't have much time to get your message across, especially to new contacts so highlight any sentence that doesn't work (we'll be coming back to those pesky little words in our next installment)

If you're finding it tough to be impartial, print out your communications and get someone else to read them and ask them what words sum up those paragraphs. Ask a friend or an industry colleague for their opinions too. Or ask me to have a look, I'm happy to give you some freebie feedback.

I know reviewing all of this might seem like an onerous task but I think you might be pleasantly surprised - it's very likely that there'll be bursts of 'your' voice in your writing already - underline these, see what works for you and be proud of yourself. You've got a really good basis to work from and you know now what you want to change. Perfect.

In our next installment, we'll look at how to keep your voice consistent and how to make it the 'best' you that we can. You're voice is going to be singing like a superstar rather than mumbling by the time we've finished!

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